The primary objective of Sri Sri Ramkrishna Ashram is to serve and uplift the fellow people, mostly needy and downtrodden, ill and weak, ignorant and uneducated, both men & women with different social and charitable programmes, religious teachings & enlightenments, modern education and health care services.

Cultural Society

Thakur Satyananda Cultural Society took the mission forward for serving the people, especially children by providing modern education, different extra-curricular activities, professional & vocational training and the best health-care facility to build strong, disciplined, enlightened individuals.

Our Institutions

Bhupananda Sishu Niketan is the cradle for the children at Joydev-Kenduli where they are not only given effective education but also they are provided ample space to develop their creative bend with drawing, music, dance, elocution classes, exercise, sports & other activities throughout the year.


We sincerely request your active support to expand Bhupananda Sishu Niketan and Social Welfare services, like general medical service unit, development of vocational training centre for Computer & Tailoring, and patronizing the Baul community & its richness through Kalpataru Baul Gosthi.

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Our Activities

Joydev Mela (Jan 14 - 18, 2024)

Sri Sri Ramakrishna Ashram,Kenduli

One of the prime focus of Thakur Satyananda Cultural Society in serving the society is it’s Health services. Under the
On 30th of December, 2016, Sri Sri Gopal, the prime worshipped God of Swami Satyananda Dev, who is also the child incarn